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21 Day Journey Back to Me

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‘Imagine How different Your Life Could Be If You Had More Energy For the Things You Love’

Is This You Right Now?

‘You Are Not Alone and This is NOT YOUR FAULT.'

You’ve tried your best to change the pattern; tried to strengthen your willpower, but your body will “sabotage” you by shutting down or over-reacting when you don’t want it to.

Many standard therapies keep the focus on just the brain and don’t address the body, which can make things worse. And keeps you stuck.

Change IS possible when you know what to do.

“The Essential Sequence.”

How do you become ‘unstuck’ , and move beyond just getting through each day in the same old way? It requires both understanding your own nervous system and addressing stored trauma (overwhelm) in the body – in your very biology. All trauma becomes stored in the body, on a cellular level.


We invite you to join us on this experiential journey into your nervous system
where together we begin to create a felt sense of safety and support within your body
that will, in real time, begin the rewiring of your nervous system.

To achieve this you will, over 21 consecutive days - meet with us LIVE in an online group
at 7pm till approx 7:30pm AEST where we will guide you through:

There is Hope Ahead

Begin to discover a way back to who you are truly meant to be
Calm, Creative, Confident, Caring, Curious
By supporting your nervous system to do what it does best
Look after you and allow you to flourish, heal and connect.

Who Is This For?


Receive cutting-edge tools and knowledge you need for yourself, and to help others.


Break the cycle. Work on addressing generational patterns, for you, and for those you love.


Where do you start? Let us guide you safely step-by-step through the healing process when you are ready to take action.

This course is NOT right for everyone, including those who:

  • are currently unable to function independently for some physical, mental, or emotional reasons, or would not be able to do their own work, as this course is designed for people to learn a somatic practice of their own.
  • are seeking a diagnosis or individual therapy, as this course does not provide individualised medical or psychological care.

Investing In Yourself And The Value Of This Journey

Start Down The Path Of True Healing

The impact of taking guided action that ACTUALLY results in a shift is priceless. What you will get out of the course will be directly tied to what you put into it. Investing in your healing journey is one of the most valuable things you can do.

Somatic Therapy Exercises

In this course, you will be doing the equivalent of 11 hours of somatic therapy exercises. 11 hours of therapy could cost as much as $140 or more per session.

Experiential & Intellectual Journey

This course is both an experiential and intellectual journey into your nervous system. 21 days to create and build in the routine and exercises best for your own daily somatic practice.

21 Different Guided Exercises

Pre-recorded guided videos with Somatic and Neuroaffective Touch Exercises in a specific order, the essential sequence, designed to safely address stored trauma.

Daily Group Learning

Zoom class at 7:00pm AEDT. Meet with Margaret and Janette daily for 21 days


21 Daily Group Experiences for connection, community and group exercises.

A Private Facebook Group

Completely optional!
Strengthen your connection with other course participants and facilitators with shares, insights and successes.

Bonus Videos and Articles

Content originally contained only in the Biology of Trauma® Certification Course for professionals is now included as bonus material here! Take your learning about the nervous system and stored trauma to the next level.

Ongoing Access

Your access to the course continues after the 21 Day Journey ends!

You will have lifetime access to the pre-recorded guided video exercises and recordings of the daily group meetings.

Biology of Trauma Access

Completely optional, but available to you after completing this journey.

Margaret Gray


Margaret is a Root Cause Therapist, Life Coach and Mental Health First Aid Certified. She has studied various modalities ranging from Somatic Practice, Conscious Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, NLP, Pranic Healing and is currently studying to be certified in theThe Biology of Trauma®. Wanting to live the best life available to her has been the driver for all her study. Margaret brings passion and awareness to helping others and a deep desire to see others discover how to live their best life.
Margaret has a unique ability to gently guide and maintain a safe space that is needed to facilitate working through trauma, either individually or a group. Her wisdom and humor always lets you know you are ok, no matter what!

Janette Dunn

21 Day Journey to Calm Aliveness (Australia)-2

Janette began her professional career as a pediatric Occupational Therapist over 30 years ago, working with children and families with complex health and developmental needs. Alongside this she has had her own journey of recovering from chronic health issues. Understanding the impact of a dysregulated nervous system on health, development and relationships in both families and workplaces, has led her to understand the need to address the nervous system – as an essential piece in supporting the wellness and wellbeing of each individual. Janette is a trained counsellor, certified SCENAR therapist and is also studying to be certified in the The Biology of Trauma®. She brings empathy and informed insight into complex situations, and a deep desire to see others flourish, heal and connect.

What Would it Be Like To Be Guided On This Journey? To Have A Community to Go Through the Step-By-Step Process With?

Join us to be guided through

Understanding your basic survival system, the nervous system, and how it impacts your life.

Shifting your emotional state and addressing stored trauma.

Starting to truly live your life on
your own terms.

Meet The Course Creator - Dr. Aimie

Aimie Apigian

Dr. Aimie Apigian, MD MS MPH is the leading medical expert on how life experiences get stored in the body and restoring the body to its best state of health through her signature model and methodology, The Biology of Trauma®.

Dr. Aimie truly is the physician who has gone through this herself.


Support and be supported in a learning, healing community

After graduating from the 21 Day Journey, you will have the opportunity to join an online intentional community with THA of learning and support to have access to ongoing tools and resources.

What is Next?

Start Your Journey

May 01, 2024

Somatic Therapy exercises alone$1,540
Your Price$497

Somatic Therepy Exercise alone


Your Price


Where do we begin with stored trauma podcast

Listen to The Biology of Trauma® Podcast

Where Do We Begin with Stored Trauma? with Dr. AImie and Guest Alex Howard

On The Biology of Trauma® Podcast, Alex Howard joins us for part two of our discussion on addressing stored trauma. I learned quickly through my clinical work that before you can address the biological aspect of trauma, you must stabilize the nervous system.

In this episode, Margaret tells her story of how she came to recognize her defense mechanisms that stemmed from childhood trauma that prevented her from experiencing life in the moment. She used the 21-Day Journey to reclaim her life and her nervous system. Once she understood that her sense of safety was in her own control, Margaret’s trajectory shifted into a life of infinite possibilities.