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Beat Anxiety Bundle (Tri-Mag Power + Weighted Scarf)

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Tri-Mag-Power + Weighted Scarf Bundle

Two of our best products for supporting the body during your trauma healing journey.


  • Tri-Magnesium Power

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  • SmartWeight® Weighted Fashion Scarf®

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Tri-Mag Power is a Magnesium Supplement is a great way to support your body during times of chronic stress and trauma. Magnesium is a vital mineral for our bodies and is essential for proper functioning of many different systems. It helps to regulate our nervous system, balance hormones and reduce inflammation. This supplement contains a highquality source of magnesium that has been specifically formulated to help those dealing with the effects of chronic stress and trauma. It can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and improve mood, while also supporting the body‘s natural healing processes. With regular use, this supplement can help to promote a sense of wellbeing and reduce physical symptoms associated with chronic stress and trauma.

SmartWeight® Weighted Fashion Scarf provides intense calming comfort.  Rather than behavior modification as a goal, opt for a sense of felt safety, connection, and co-regulation with SmartWeight® Technology which includes no time limits or heavy constraints.* 

*Please consult with your physician about any concerns before use to ensure a safe experience. 

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Lakehouse, Pewter Stone, Farmhouse, Serenity Gray, Ash, Purple, Navy, Ziggy Silver

Tri-Magnesium Power

Weight10 oz
Dimensions3 × 2 × 2 cm

SmartWeight® Weighted Fashion Scarf®

Weight40 oz
Dimensions182.88 × 10.16 × 2 cm

Serenity (Grey)