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Nitric Oxide Test Strips

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In just seconds, these non-invasive, Nitric Oxide saliva test strips indicate salivary nitrite levels, which are a proven precursor to Nitric Oxide levels in the body to help you maintain healthy blood pressure, circulation & cardiovascular health

Product Information:

  • Unit Count: 50 strips per tube
  • Item form: Strips
  • Item Weight: 0.05 Kilogram
  • Product Benefits: Helps monitor nitric oxide levels in just seconds

Our most recommended product for monitoring your nitric oxide levels today! 


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If you are feeling overwhelmed, overcome by depression, poor vision, fatigue, hypertension and even memory loss, you may not just be a victim of stress–you may be having a Nitric Oxide deficiency! But how do we know if we are nitric oxide deficient? Our Nitric Oxide test strips provide a convenient, clinically effective, and super fast way of measuring your nitric oxide levels so you can better support your body after experiencing chronic stress. Each tube has 50 strips. 

Why is it important to monitor our body’s nitric oxide levels? While our body naturally produces nitric oxide, as a free radical, 75% of our population-especially in adults-suffer from nitric oxide deficiency.  Our nitric oxide test strips provide you an easy, non-invasive way to check your nitric oxide levels. 

Give yourself and your family the gift of healing by monitoring your nitric oxide levels with our test strips so you can have the healthy, stress and overwhelm-free body you deserve!


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Weight1.77 oz
Dimensions6 × 3 × 3 cm


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