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Immune Vit D Power

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A fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin D supports bone health, cardiovascular health, and immune function.

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Immune Vit D Power

Immune VIT D Power is a highly absorbable form of vitamin D3 alongside vitamins K1 and K2, and geranylgeraniol (GG) to support bone, immune, and cardiovascular health. Immune VIT D Power Supreme contains 5,000 IU of vitamin D3. Immune VIT D Power contains 1,050 mcg of vitamin K and 5 mg of GG for bone health, along with medium-chain triglycerides and quillaja for enhanced bioavailability.

A fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin D supports bone health, cardiovascular health, and immune function. Compared to vitamin D2, vitamin D3 appears to be more effective at raising and maintaining vitamin D levels in the body. Vitamin K also supports bone health as a fat-soluble vitamin. According to current research, combining vitamins D and K can benefit both bone and cardiovascular health more than taking either vitamin alone.

Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol)

Vitamin D belongs to a family of fat-soluble vitamins that includes vitamins D1, D2, and D3. Sunlight directly exposes your body to vitamin D, which it naturally produces. Vitamin D can also be obtained through certain foods and supplements. There are several important functions performed by vitamin D. These include regulating calcium and phosphorus absorption and facilitating normal immune function. (1)

Vitamin D supports a reduction in the chance of heart disease. Hypertension, heart failure, and stroke are associated with low vitamin D levels. However, it’s unclear whether vitamin D deficiency contributes to heart disease or simply indicates poor health. (2)(3)

Vitamin D supports a reduction in the likelihood of severe illnesses and diseases. Although studies are mixed, vitamin D may reduce the risk of severe flu and COVID-19 infections. Low vitamin D levels are associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome, according to a recent review. (4)(5)

The immune system is supported by vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D may increase the risk of infections and autoimmune diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease. (6)

Vitamin D might play an important role in regulating mood and decreasing depression risk. Depression patients with vitamin D deficiency may benefit from vitamin D supplementation. There is also evidence that low vitamin D levels are associated with more severe fibromyalgia symptoms, anxiety, and depression. (7)(8)

Low vitamin D levels are more likely to occur in people with higher body weights. People with obesity who received vitamin D supplements along with a weight loss diet plan lost more weight and fat mass than those in a placebo group, who only followed the diet plan. (9)

Vitamin K (as Vitamin K1 Phytonadione 1000 mcg; Vitamin K2 MK-41000mcg)

Many experts believe vitamin K activates proteins required for bone growth and development.   Several observational studies have correlated low levels of vitamin K1 and K2 with a higher risk of bone fractures, though these studies are not as good at proving cause and effect as controlled studies. Most controlled studies examining the effects of vitamin K1 supplements on bone loss have been inconclusive and shown little benefit. (10)(11)

Vitamin K plays an important role in preventing heart disease as well as blood clotting and bone health. A protein activated by vitamin K helps prevent calcium from depositing in arteries. Plaque is formed by calcium deposits, so it’s no surprise that they are a strong predictor of heart disease. Studies have shown that vitamin K2 reduces calcium deposits and lowers heart disease risk better than vitamin K1. (12)(13)

It has been observed that vitamin K2 reduces calcium deposits and lowers your risk of heart disease better than vitamin K1. However, higher-quality controlled studies have demonstrated that both vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 (specifically MK-7) supplements improve various measures of heart health. (14)(15)(16)

Trans-Geranylgeraniol (as GG-Gold)

Natural sources of Geranylgeraniol (GG) include annatto, flaxseed, sunflower oil, olive oil, tomatoes, and certain medicinal herbs.17 GG is synthesized endogenously in humans, but endogenous production may not always be sufficient. GG synthesis declines naturally with age, and certain pharmaceutical drugs can inhibit it, making supplementation necessary. (17)

GG is essential for protein synthesis, CoQ10 production, and vitamin K2 structure, further emphasizing its biological importance. Laboratory studies have shown that GG inhibits osteoclast formation in a manner independent of MK4. It was demonstrated that GG inhibited osteoclast formation by inhibiting receptor activators of nuclear factor kappa B ligand (RANKL) expression, and there was no competitive action between GG and MK4. (18)


Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions3 × 2 × 2 cm


  • Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol with clinically relevant amounts depending on need
  • 1,000 mcg of vitamin K1 as phytonadione and 50 mcg of vitamin K2 as MK-4
  • Softgel delivery
  • Formulated with the Evail emulsification technology that includes MCT and quillaja extract for enhanced bioavailability


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